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3D work instructions that supercharge your workers' productivity.

Tired of hard to build work instructions that your workers do not engages with?
Use our software to create 3D digital job instructions any human will intuitively understand.


Intuitive digital authoring... even more intuitive visual learning.

We built our 3D software with the comfort of both the author and the workers in mind. Studies have shown how intuitive 3D can be for people who consume it, but our aim here is to make the authoring experience as seamless and straightforward as humanly possible.

Templates that make instructions authoring lightening fast.

Never write the same document structure twice with our ready work instruction templates. Find ready templates for servicing machines, replacing parts, operating certain tools and so much more. Never worry again about compliance (ISO or else) because our software's library of templates keeps growing by the day.

Ready animations & visuals that make instructions intuitive.

Need to use a torque wrench? maybe a screwdriver? or maybe weld something in? all of these assets are ready and animated, you just drag and drop onto the right position. Want to apply an expand effect on an engine? maybe scatter all the parts? see all the tools used in you project? all are pre-built for you to use instantly.

Learning analytics & insights that inform your decisions.

How much does it take for a worker to learn a set of instructions? with our analytics, that question is not longer a mystery. Track worker learning curve and help them only when and where they need help and free up your leadership team's schedule.

industry 4.0

Move beyond Industry 4.0 into the Metaverse

Adopt technologies that not only keep up with the current tech trends, but prepare you for the next ones.

Digitally transform your work instructions with 3D

Unlike office workers, field workers are extremely under-equipped with technology. Digital 3D Work Instructions will help them learn skills faster on your factory floor and help you catch up with the digital transformation wave. Adopt digital work instructions with Third Design and open the door for more future integrations with IoT sensors and Artificial Intelligence tools.


Get even more value out of your internal CAD files

After spending thousands on product licenses to build CAD models, it's only rational to repurpose those models for training and up-skilling the workforce. Forget about the difficult inter-operability between these files and other tools by adopting Third Design's cloud software, where we help you leverage these models in few seconds for digital work instructions.


Get value now while preparing for the industrial Metaverse

The Metaverse is coming, and AEC and Manufacturing businesses need to get ready too. Start building your 3D Digital Twins today and recoup value out of these 3D files today with Third Design's 3D digital work instructions. Get value today while preparing for the future of industries.


Design 3D instructions with an instant return on investment

Tired of boring excel spreadsheets that demotivate workers? Create digital 3D work instructions today with our software and empower your workers to be more productive.
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60% increased onsite field task efficiency

Field service workers intervene in business critical tasks. Empower them with a checklist of work instructions that explain the task seamlessly.

Start with 3D today, book a demo

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