Learn 3D design for beginners with our courses & tutorials

Learn what is 3D modeling & animation, why is 3D useful for communication and how 3D can help you engage your audience. We provide free beginner tutorials & courses on how to design in 3D and leverage it as hobbyist or a professional.

Have questions about 3D design? we got you 😉

What courses do you have on Third Design?

The most basic how-to guides we have are on learning 3D modeling, animation and rendering. We have also courses on using 3D for product manuals, presentations, product demos, digital marketing and so much more.

Is 3D hard to learn?

We think it is not. Sure, it is hard to learn Blender or other 3D software out there, but we think 3D can be simple, it has to. So we do our best to make it stupidly simple with our courses and also our easy interface. Thing is, we hand hold you throughout your learning process 😉

Are your tutorials free?

Yes they are free and will always be free.