Is immersive learning better?

Immersive Learning: What is it? And is it effective?


Training employees and keeping them engaged is the foundation that every business works to build. Yet, in a world full of distractions that impact the learning process negatively, it became harder and more expensive to ensure efficient and effective training.

Given these pressing issues, creating an environment that facilitates the training of employees through immersive learning should be the answer and the keystone towards a new training method for employees. Here’s everything you need to know about immersive education and whether or not it has an effective impact on training.

What is immersive learning?

how is immersive learning obtained

Immersive learning creates an environment where possible real scenarios are replicated as close to their realistic format as possible more safely. This facilitates the learns to interact with different situations, which boosts their motivation, skills, and techniques. In addition, this form of education and training can be done physically or virtually enlarging with that the possibility to simulate environments that are harder to access. There are multiple ways to obtain this learning experience whether through AR, VR, or 3D visualization.

  • Virtual Reality (VR): A simulated artificial environment that is altered from the real world. The user is fully immersed in it as they are able to walk around and interact with virtual objects and characters.

  • Augmented Reality (AR): Virtual objects are placed in the real-world environment. The user with the help of headsets is able to explore that particular object and interact with it as if it was existing in the reality.

  • 3D Visualization: This form is more accessible than the ones mentioned earlier as it can be obtained via your computer, smartphone, or tablet. All you have to do is create the 3D model of your product, animate its function, and share it with your employees. 3D is a realistic visualization that allows users to manipulate by either rotating, zooming, or positioning. This interesting feature leaves the learner in control of his training journey and empowers him with a humane way of communication.

The added value of immersive Learning:

Immersive learning in office

Increase Productivity

Giving employees an exciting and new form of learning helps them stay motivated and engaged which leads to a higher retention rate. Training programs that can be followed along with the pace of each individual with personalized frequency and duration also make learning more productive and worthwhile.

Cut Costs

Training employees and onboarding new ones tend to be a time-consuming task that requires human and monetary resources. Streamlining this experience can help companies solve this issue by saving costs especially with the emerging solutions like Third Design that are cheaper and don’t call for extra gear or equipment.

Create a safe learning space

Employees who lack experience in particular areas may be prone to injuries and incidents while training for new machinery for the first time. This prior virtual content increases the learners’ confidence and gives them a safe method to explore the product and system without committing mistakes or putting themselves at risk.

3D immersive learning new form of learning that allows businesses to keep their employees engaged in a world full of distraction and eliminates the problem of monotony in training sessions. It leaves a memorable impression on the psyche of learners which boosts their training journey and accelerates their proficiency and efficiency in their roles while using immersive learning environments.