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A software to help you benefit from all the pros of 3D product animations, without the cons 😉

Design your 3D product animations in minutes, anywhere, anytime.

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Need your product in 3D? Our services team has your back.

Building hardware? you already have 3D CAD files. Import them now to our software to create 3D product animations & visuals instantly, and avoid long back-and-forth between internal teams while cutting on 3D services costs.
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Ship 3D animations fast with our ready-to-use templates.

Looking to create a cool animation for a marketing video but tired from freelancers or agencies that take too much time to deliver? Get creative with our collection of 3D animation templates anddeliver the videos you want in minutes.
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Photo, GIF or video? one click and you have it in HD.

Tired of 3D renders that taking too long? Want to empower your team with an agile creative process?
Deliver content to your websites, social medias and create any product animations or visuals you want in minutes with our magical export button.
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A to Z, animations & visuals for all your product cycles

Tired of expensive photoshoots or 3D services companies that take too long? Ship 3D animations fast and delight your customers with our library of templates and animations that fit every stage of your product's lifecycle.

Create product visuals for social media, that audiences engage with 📢

People get attracted to premium high quality visuals, and more people at the top of the funnel can lead to more customers at the bottom of it. Product animations & 3D photorealistic visuals give you just that. Tired of expensive photoshoots and low quality content that does not convert customers? create visuals for your social medias, for your website or for your store right now with Third Design's online product visualization software, increasing your conversion by at least 30% while reducing the cost of production of product animations by at least a factor of 10!

Build 3D product experiences that help customers buy with confidence 🤝

People want more choice, they want more control over the buying process. Are you tired of expensive product returns and customers not buying with confidence? delight them with more options and give them ownership of the buying process now with Third's online software, building 3D interactive product visualizations for exploring your offerings from all the possible perspective. Are your customers tired of the old "one size fits all" buying journey? build 3D configurators that gamify the buying process and have customers love your purchase process.

Support your customers with guides & animations they understand, and enjoy 🤩

RTFM? Heard of it? Are your customer support lines flooded with the same redundant requests that you have already answered? Add a dimension to your manuals now with Third Design's product animation software, effectively reducing support calls by 60% and building an experience your customers love.
Workers are misusing machines and getting injured? Struggling for worker enthusiasm during training workshops? transform your on-the-job worker trainings with immersive 3D learning, and reduce learning time by up to 85% using Third Design's 3D product animation software.

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Frequently asked questions

Product animation is basically videos or photos (could be GIFs too, but digital media in general) that is computer generated to help market or display certain aspects of a given physical product. It can be used too to communicate certain feature, operational guides or instructions, but it also can be used simply for aesthetic purposes to make a given product standout and look awesome (that may relative to each brand and its tone).

Traditionally, product visuals were made through photography, which is expensive and operationally harder to setup. Digital photography is usually used instead with 3D tools that generate photorealistic content on par their real counterparts. Digital photography (or 3D product animation) is much cheaper and faster than classical photography, delivering results in few hours for a fraction of the cost.

Traditionally, a company would hire 3D services, that from freelancers or agencies, to create the product animations for them, which get paid by the hour and can result in expensive bills with lengthy bank-and-forth communication. At Third, we offer companies the ability to reap the benefits of 3D product animations through our digital platform, for a monthly subscription, reducing costs to an even smaller fraction while delivering the content even faster.

For businesses that sell hardware or physical goods, product animation is crucial, as it helps the customer visualize the product and the brand identity of the company. Knowing what you are buying and how to use it are too crucial things in the purchase process that product animation in 3D helps with.

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