A zero-waste vending machine that makes gut friendly plant-based supplement drinks to bring targeted nutrition for offices, hospitals, schools and elderly care. Enjoy Live food anywhere: No more powder or pills, enjoy nutrients from fruits and vegetables securely preserved in capsules for immediate consumption. Different choices of benefits are available on request via our website.


1. Introduction

Compact Design and large capacity: a removable front cover featuring a minimalistic design hiding a 5 tower, 50 pod carrying capacity, capable of delivering 50 drinks a day. The removable rear cover guards 2x 5L tanks for easy refill.

2. Placing the pod

3. Let the magic happen

4. Santé !

Regain trust in food: Get a ready-to drink in seconds with the right benefit in a capsule and go beyond the nutritional fact table while knowing in a transparent way the traceability of each ingredient we put inside.