Astronomy Floor Lamp by CB2

The standing fan has a sleek and neat design inspired by the vintage telescope that adds a modern touch to your floor. Get the instructions on how to assemble it now!


1. [Introduction] - Onboard

2. [Chapter Title] - Leg Assembly 1.

3. [Chapter Title] - Leg Assembly 2.

Bolt Fixing Use a screwdriver to fix the 2x bolts

4. [Chapter Title] - Leg Assembly 3.

Nut Fixing Use the already included hex wrench in order to secute the nuts. Repeat the previous steps for the 2 remaining legs

5. [Chapter Title] - Lamp Assembly 1.

Threaded rots Check the Threaded rots from inside the assembly. You'll need to fit them inside the leg assembly's holes.

6. [Chapter Title] - Lamp Assembly 2.

7. [Chapter Title] - Lamp Assembly 3.

8. [Chapter Title] - Lamp Assembly 4.

Attaching lamp assembly Attach lamp assembly with 3 lamp assembly nuts and secure with the hex wrench.

9. [Chapter Title] - Bulb Insertion.

Bulb Insertion Insert the bulb into the socket. And you're done !