The Bottle Labeling Machine by Grey Technology Assembly

The labeling machine is used to stick labels on products efficiently and conveniently. Follow the instructions presented down below to know how to assemble the machine.


1. [Assembly] - About Onboard

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2. [Assembly] - About G-tech Packaging Solution

3. [Assembly] - General specifications:

Product Description Label Roll Diameter: Max. 300 mmConveyor height: 800 mm 50 mmFrequency: 50 HzVolts: 230 VoltsPower supply type: ACConstruction Top Stainless Steel matt finish & S.S. PipeRound container diameter: 25 mm to 80 mmOutput: Up to 150 containers

4. [Assembly] - Product features:

Less power consumptionSmooth functioningHigh performanceHigh production speeds up to 150 per minuteUnrivaled build quality and reliabilityPLC or microprocessor systemEquipped with a printing deviceSuitable for Glass, Plastic, Pet, Tin, Corrugated containersS.S. elegantly matt finished

5. [Assembly] - Base

6. [Assembly] - Labeling system

7. [Assembly] - Conveyor

8. [Assembly] - Bottles

9. [Assembly] - Control system

10. [Assembly] - Ensure the system is safe to launch

11. [Assembly] - Add the label roll to the machine

12. [Assembly] - Press the ON button

13. [Assembly] - Put bottles on the Conveyor

14. [Assembly] - Labeling

15. [Assembly] - Turn off when Done

16. [Assembly] - Power:

Safety precautions make sure the machine is plugged and nothing is blocking the motors before any maneuver

17. [Assembly] - Container constraints:

Safety precautions: Make sure the diameter of the bottle doesn't exceed the maximum allowed diameter so that it doesn't clog the entrance to the printing/ labelling system.

18. [Assembly] - After labeling:

Safety precautions Make sure that the containers are intercepted and stored safely ( the machine doesn't have a storing mechanism so the operator needs to take care of that)