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Empower users to learn the right way to use your products with 3D immersive guides.

Users hate manuals. With 3D, they love them

Study after study has shown that users throw away manuals after the first glance. Worse, 90% of goods return labeled as broken, are not actually broken.

3D is the most engaging media form out there, increasing information recall by 95%. We help you bring this power to you customer support manuals with fast guide creation.

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Reduce support costs with manuals users engage with

For hardware companies, 60% of support requests are about things already answered in the user manuals.

Alleviate the ambiguity of guides using 3D immersive visuals and drastically reduce your support costs by those 60%.

Increase your customer satisfaction and help users be successful with your products.

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A manual creation software that is easy.

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What is the difference between a User Guide and a User Manual ?

A product manual is the lengthy booklet explaining every thing about the product in hand, the safety standards, the certifications, etc... Usually it comes in many languages.

On the other hand, a user guide is the part the customer needs the most: the quick start guide to using/assembling a given product. Usually it comes in a small 6 page booklet full of visuals and 3D representations of the product.

Are product Manuals mandatory ?

Yes. The law requires any company selling physical goods to ship a user manual with their products. It can be as simple as the different potential hazards, do not wash, etc...

How to get a user manual ?

Although it is contained in the shipment with the product, manuals usually are not to be found when we need them the most. For that, we recommend you go to the manufacturer's website and look in the customer support section for the manual you are seeking.

Why do people throw away Product Manuals ?

We tend to approach assembling a product or using it for the first time as a very easy task. Thus, resulting in us thinking we don't need instructions. There have been studies about this funny human behavior, so manufacturers have moved to making their products much simpler to operate.

How to design a Product Manual or a User Guide ?

The first step is to prepare the 3D files of your product (usually found in a CAD format). You can insert it on our studio and use the product manual or user guide templates to generate your started project. Then you can proceed by filling the rest of the information in.

Is there a free software for manuals ?

Manual softwares out there are mostly made for text based manuals. Our software prioritizes visuals that users interact with, we found out that 3D is the most immersive media form to help with knowledge transfer.