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3D design made easy

Bring your creative ideas to life with ease, ship in minutes what used to take days. Say hello to quick and effortless 3D animation software. Book a demo below 👇


3D Business use-cases for your industry

With Third, you can leverage 3D at a fraction of what it is costing your business today.
Leverage your internal processes to reduce costs and ship value with 3D now.
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Tired of hiring agencies and freelancers?
wow your customers with grogeous videos and still renders made in minutes with Third now.


Captivate your audience with the most engaging media there is, 3D.

tired of not achieving the right results with 2D flat photos and videos?
With 3D you can add more interactive visuals people intuitively grasp.

A step further from images & videos? 3D is the answer for you 💡

3D is the future of digital media and a step ahead of traditional methods like videos and photos. With 3D, you can engage your audience like never before and give them a truly immersive experience. Unlike videos and photos, which are limited in terms of perspective and interaction, 3D allows your audience to interact with your ideas and see them from different angles.

3D designs are super expensive? not anymore 😉

It might take weeks or even months to ship a 3D video. That is normal if you are paying an agency or a freelancer for time spent working. With Third, pay only the seconds of video that you produce, we help you become productive and create 3D content faster than anywhere in the world.

Be ready for the Metavers 🌌 while having value from 3D, now.

The future is 3D, you heard it here first. But also heard it from Mark at Facebook, Tim at Apple, Satya at Microsoft, Mr. Sweeney at Epic Games... the list goes in. Point is, we are on the cusp of a new computing revolution, one maybe even bigger than the internet itself. Our mission is to help empower you, as a hobbyist, as a creator, and as a professional, with 3D design tools and apps for 3D modeling and 3D animation, helping you bring your vision to the metaverse.


Design anything in 3D

Whatever you want to create, you can add an edge to it with 3D.
We built many templates just to help you deliver value, fast.

Social Media Posts

Create immersive 3D posts for your social media that your audience love.


Product Demonstrations

Wow your customers with amazing 3D visuals that sell.


Product Manuals

Help your support agents delight your customers with manuals designed in 3D.



Add 3D to your presentation, you know, to make a power... point.


Layout Design

Iterate over layouts fast, communicate your concept designs even faster.


3D Videos & Photos

Add a 3D elements to your pictures and video creations.

We are here to bring your 3D vision to life

Contact us below and let's start working together 🤝

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