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Create amazing 3D animation videos
in minutes.

Tired of complicated 3D animation tools & running after freelancers?
Instantly ship 3D motion design videos with Third, no prior 3D experience required 😉

Create great 3D animation designs, faster.
Videos ready in minutes.

Turn ideas into outstanding 3D motion design videos with high-quality presets & templates.
No skills required.

The easiest & fastest way to design your own 3D animations 😎

No more complicated 3D software & expensive freelancers, just choose a template, customize a preset, & export your stunning video with Third in minutes.

Get started designing animations in seconds with our 3D scene template library 💨

Frustrated by scenes taking too long, Third's templates library helps you focus on what you know best, designing amazing 3D animation.
No more staring at blank screens waiting for inspiration, Third's 3D scene templates are the best way to get your creativity flowing.

Forget tedious keyframes, design 3D animations in seconds with our Presets 🎞️

Gone are the days of painstakingly moving keyframes for each element in your scene, Third's presets automate editing 3D animations for you.
We have designed a large library of 3D animation presets in our software, so that you can focus on shipping stunning videos.

3D Videos ready in minutes, not weeks, with Third's lighthing-fast cloud rendering ⚡️

Ever waited weeks for your computer to create a 3D render of your designs? Ever had to downgrade the quality of your videos to ship faster?
Third's cloud rendering takes the hassle away, freeing you to create amazing 3D animation videos with no compromise on quality.

Create 3D animation videos 10x faster than with traditional tools.

Third is the fastest & easiest way to create stunning 3D animation videos today.
Create content 10x faster & 10x more affordably using Third Design 3D software.

Design in minutes what used to take years to learn.

With templates & presets, 3D animation design on our software becomes 10x faster. The ease of use of Third Design's 3D software is unbeatable.

No expensive computers, Third Design does the heavy lifting.

Gone are the days of expensive powerful graphic cards. Third abstracts the compute of 3D rendering away with the magic of the cloud.

3D Animation software, from the comfort of your browser.

20gb of download just to design a 3D cube? No thanks. Third Design's 3D animation software runs in your browser, no downloads required.

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