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Design anything in 3D

Whatever you want to create, you can add an edge to it with 3D.

We built many templates just to help you deliver value, fast.


Social Media Posts

Create immersive 3D posts for your social media that your audience love.


Product Demonstrations

Wow your customers with amazing 3D visuals that sell.


Product Manuals

Help your support agents delight your customers with manuals designed in 3D.



Add 3D to your presentation, you know, to make a power... point.


Layout Design

Iterate over layouts fast, communicate your concept designs even faster.


3D Videos & Photos

Add a 3D elements to your pictures and video creations.

just better

3D Is The Most Engaging Media There Is

tired of not achieving the right results with 2D flat photos and videos?

With 3D you can add more interactive visuals people intuitively grasp.

Images & videos are not enough? 3D is the answer for you 💡

Sometimes you want to give people the ability to grab something, look at it from different perspectives, it's the way we humans discover the world around us. Sometimes, that can't be done with slides, videos, nor images. We feel trapped, and we disengage. Well, that's the pitch, 3D is the most engaging media form there is. With 3D, your audience can actually interact with your ideas, rotate, move around, zoom in, inspect from inside and eventually learn about the ideas you are communicating. 3D modeling helps you bring build scenes and digital twins, whilst 3D animation will bring it to life with movement and colors. Third design puts this magical power in your hands, we help you get rid of boring PowerPoints, and actually make your points, powerful. It is easy, try it 😉

3D designs are costly & hard to do? We got you 😉

3D modeling and animation take time, time from artists and agencies. To do 3D, you have 2 options, do it yourself, or hire someone, either an artist or an agency. Time will always be a cost, but the money spent grows exponentially as you explore these options. But what if there is a 3rd way? At Third Design, our mission is to democratize access to 3D modeling and 3D animation. No more expensive licences, no more downloads, just sign up above and get started in minutes. We boil down 3D modeling to the essentials of scene building, while offering you a large selection of 3D models and templates to use. Our 3D animation system is simple, you'll be able to add movement and color to your ideas ✨

Invest in the future, the Metaverse is coming 🌌

The future is 3D, you heard it here first. But also heard it from Mark at Facebook, Tim at Apple, Satya at Microsoft, Mr. Sweeney at Epic Games... the list goes in. Point is, we are on the cusp of a new computing revolution, one maybe even bigger than the internet itself. Our mission is to help empower you, as a hobbyist, as a creator, and as a professional, with 3D design tools and apps for 3D modeling and 3D animation, helping you bring your vision to the metaverse.

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