Empowering Everyone To Design Anything In 3D

Third is the design app for the Metaverse.

Create fun photos & videos with our 3D modelling & animation templates.



Empowering everyone to design anything in 3D. We help you participate in the 3D Metaverse.



3D is most engaging media there is, we believe the future is 3D, and we are helping you be part of it.



Building the 3D tools of the future while delivering value now, for everyone.

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From Google to Zendesk to the great minds at Station F, we learn and strive to be among the best.

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We hire inventors 💡 Those who dare to ask "why"

Third Design is hiring. Careers at Third are characterized by a constant strive to challenge one's self. We grow and learn on a daily basis. Here, we empower you to decide your own destiny, but you must have the discipline necessary to assume such responsibility. Navigating the unknown is hard, that's why we call ourselves explorers, inventors. We are lining up behind the mission of bringing 3D to the mass market, a feat only achieved through perseverance, intelligence, and dedication. Liking the challenge? Click on the button below to share your passion with us.

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We partner with innovators 🥇 Those who share our vision

We look for partners who share our innovation DNA. We have our vision for the future, but we are pragmatic. We believe we can help partners deliver value with 3D today while preparing for tomorrow where the Metaverse becomes the standard. We strive to help our distribution partners grow with us, a win-win relationship. If you see value in integrating our solution into yours, we'll gladly take the leap with you, just make sure to reach out on the form by clicking on the button below.

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We invest in the future 🚀 Building the Metaverse

The 3D market is growing explosively 💥 It will reach around $37 Billion in market cap by 2026. And that's only the 3D market, the Metaverse on the other hand is poised to be the next computing paradigm, and we are building the tools enabling everyone to be part of that journey. What we are creating is for the Metaverse what was PowerPoint for Windows, the opportunity is huge. We'd love to work with you, just share your contact by clicking on the button below.

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