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3D is the future, & with Third,
You are part of it.

Learn more about Third Design and the people behind the scenes.
Discover the vibrant culture behind the tool bringing 3D to the masses.

The idea behind Third Design

Founded in 2021, on a simple insight, and an ambitious mission.

Our Insight

We beleive that 3D is amazingly good at helping us communicate ideas.

Our Mission

To empower everyone to easily create magical 3D animation videos.

Our Vision

To build a tool, that abstracts the complexity of 3D via presets & templates.

World-class mindset, world-class network 🌎

At Third, we strive to be among the best.
We are looking for world-class talent to join us.

Backed by a world-class network 🌎

Third Design is part of Techstars New York City spring 2023 class. We are proud to join the world's most active accelerator, at the top tier NYC program.
From Google to Zendesk to the great minds at Station F in Paris, we learn and strive to be among the best.

Adventure is in our DNA 🧗 Join us if you share this mindset

Careers at Third are characterized by a constant strive to challenge one's self. Here, we empower you to decide your own destiny. Navigating the unknown is hard, that's why we call ourselves explorers, inventors. We are lining up behind the mission of bringing 3D to the mass market, a feat only achieved through perseverance, intelligence, and dedication.

Our Company Values

Forged under extreme pressure, in the deep dungeons of statup land ⛏️

Be a Hero, not a Victim.

An excuse is a reason that you did not act on. Confronted with adversity, a victim uses that as an excuse, a hero takes the necessary steps to overcome the hurdles.

Ask why, eliminate the noise.

Navigating the uncertainty is hard (i.e. startups...). Asking why helps you make the right “micro-decisions” as you progress. Once you know why, figure out how to get 90% of the value for 10% of the effort.

Practice Radical Candor.

Care personally and challenge directly, without being aggressive or insincere.

It's not about you, it's about the customer.

Fight the urge to look at tasks as tasks, but rather as "enablers" for the customer. Put yourself in the customer's shoes then work your way back to the tasks.

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