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Replace boring PDFs with 3D instructions customers understand.

Eliminate all support complaint by empowering your customers with 3D immersive guides.
Create instructions on the fly using our free templates and presets.

Revolutionizing how you create Furniture assembly videos.

Forget how you made content traditionally.
With Third, embark on a journey to create stunning visuals without breaking a sweat 😏

Professional-looking assembly videos, at a fraction of the cost 🤩

Third's 3D software revolutionizes the way furniture companies create professional-looking assembly videos. Our solution saves you a fortune compared to traditional methods like hiring an agency or freelancer. Experience the benefits of creating visually stunning videos in a fraction of the time with Third's cutting-edge technology.

Let your customers take control of how they interact with your manuals 💡

Third's 3D design software enhances furniture companies' customer experience by helping you create video-based 3D manuals. No more confusion with static PDF pages, customers can now view manuals from various angles, zoom, pause, and rewind to fully understand the furniture assembly process. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to an interactive and informative manual experience with Third Design.

Create in minutes what used to take weeks 😉

Our 3D software empowers furniture companies to create top-notch assembly videos in minutes. Say goodbye to traditional methods that take too long, Third Design streamlines the process with cloud rendering and easy-to-use animation templates. Experience best-in-class videos with Third's innovative technology, saving you time and hassle.

Added value to your business, that you can measure 📈

It is not only cool videos, engaging 3D and happy customers... it is also business value that impacts your bottom line 💰

Reduce your support calls by 60% ☎️

Tired of disappointed users who can't understand your PDF and textual manuals? 3D will help your customers understand your manuals, effectively reducing your support costs. 3D gives the control of the manual to customers, they decide which perspective to look from, how to rotate and what information they need. At Third Design, we help you bring that to reality with our no-code platform.

Help your customers get up to speed 85% faster 💨

3D is the most engaging media form out there, it will help your customers understand instructions 85% faster. We help you build 3D manuals through our no-code easy to use platform. We did all the heavy lifting with templates and presets so that you can focus on building products for your customers, and not PDFs 😉

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