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Our software pricing plans are made to suit your 3D needs. But you can start with the free community plan and get lots of stuff done 😉



  • 500 mb
  • 1 Public (exported) Project
  • 10 Exports / Month
  • Basic Presets . . . . . .



  • 5,000 mb
  • 10 Public (exported) Projects
  • 100 Exports / Month
  • Essential Presets . . . . . .



  • 100,000 mb
  • 100 Public (exported) Projects
  • 1000 Exports / Month
  • Professional Presets
  • CAD Models Support
  • Private (sharing) viewing . . . .

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  • 1,000,000 mb
  • 1000 Public (exported) Projects
  • 10000 Exports / Month
  • Professional Presets
  • CAD Models Support
  • Private (sharing) viewing
  • Mixed Reality Viewing App (TBD)
  • Viewing Analytics (TBD)
  • Project-in-Project (TBD)
  • API Endpoint + SDK

3D Project Creation

Sometimes you have a limited time to deliver results, and you want to create the best possible 3D designs ever. Well, we can help! not only we offer creating the experience for you if you choose to, but we also would volunteer to share our knowhow with you and your team. Our goal is to democratize 3D, and we are committed to that goal.

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3D Modeling Services

Sometimes one would need very complex shapes, ones that are either mechanical, made by engineers, or sculptures, made by artists. That's where this service comes in, to help fill that gap for you at a very competitive price. We help match you with our team of 3D artists supplying you with 3D modeling for CAD and sculpting.

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API Integration Development

Third Design in built for scale. Our entier architecture is cloud-native serverless components. That's the kind of expertise we want to bring to your project. We help your team integrate 3D experience generation at scale using our own Software Development Kit (SDK). Pricing for this service is very competitive, but why? our mission is to help you adopt 3D and be ready for the tools of the future, and we put our money where our mouths are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who creates the 3D presentations ?

Ideally, you, our software is self-service. Of course we can help you or your team get up to speed, but we invest heavily into making Third the easiest 3D design too out there.

How long does it take to create a 3D presentation?

Minutes, just as long as a normal presentation. Everything is ready and drag and drop. There is NO code nor prerequisite knowledge.

Why is the community package of your 3D software for free ?

Our mission is to democratize 3D, that can't happen without enabling anyone to have on-demand access to our 3D design app for free.

Do you do 3D rendering ?

Yes, that is what we call an export. You can export/render your 3D design to photos, GIFs and videos.

Can I download my 3D files ?

Sure you can, just hit the download button and you will have your glTF file ready.

What is glTF?

"glTF" is a global open-source standard in 3D graphics. We use it because it is open, powerful and has the support of the community, from enthusiasts to established tech giants.

Can I import CAD files?

Yes, but only with Enterprise plan.

Book a 3D consultation for free

Maybe you still need to get an expert's view point on the matter? You can book a free consultation with our team of 3D veterans right now, no charges applied, we just want to help get your job done right.