Convert 3D files to different formats for free&online

Why convert 3D files?

Convert 3D

With today’s advanced technologies, we are able to take visualization to a new level. Using the right software and tools you can bring your designs to life. 3D allows us to rotate, zoom in out of objects, observe the tiniest details and even add motion. This border scoop of viewing products and scenes is very beneficial to use in many domains when displaying products, explaining concepts, showcasing the design process, or training employees.

3D visualization comes with various benefits and advantages:

Convert 3D files

Immersive Experiences: With 3D content, you feel that you are part of the space you are interacting with. Realistic Visuals: You can observe every detail related to the object and see how it functions exactly in a similar manner to how the product is used in real life.
With 3D there is no limit to what you can showcase, explain, and design. It is the ultimate tool for humane communication.
It’s also becoming widely available online as 3D marketplaces house millions of 3D models that are free to download, extremely visually appealing and the right asset to explain your ideas.

Yet have you ever tried to download a 3D model and then didn’t know what to do with it?

Why is converting 3D files important?

Convert 3D

Although 3D has proven itself useful in many fields and instances, today’s tools are still lacking when it comes to this format of files. You still can’t share it on social media or add it to presentations easily. Granted you can convert them to images and videos with products like Blender or Cinema 4D but that type of software is still out off of the reach of beginners and even if you are somehow familiar with the interface, you still have to download and sacrifice your storage space and processing power.

3D comes in different formats that are only opened by a specific tool like .blend that is only opened by Blender. As a result, there is a burden to have a wide arrange of products downloaded at your disposal or give up on the model that you want and settle for the one that you can open. This unavailability of a solution to convert 3D files to other forms of media can sway away potential users as it takes effort and commitment to make a simple conversion.

When you want to convert a doc file to pdf you just type “doc to pdf” and a wide range of solutions is available online for you to use. This is however not the case with 3D. Not until now with Third Design.

How to convert 3D files using Third?

Convert 3D

Third is available online and for free so you won’t need to lose money buying it nor time and space downloading it. Just follow these steps and you have your 3D model converted easily.

  1. Create a new account or log in if you are a regular user.
  2. Upload the model you have by clicking on the button “add 3D”
  3. You can add animations to your model or tweak them.
  4. Click on the “export” button and choose the format that best suits your needs whether it’s images, videos, or gifs.

After following these steps, your conversion will be successful. Now you got yourself a file that can be shared on your favorite social media platform from Instagram to TikTok.

3D is an incredibly useful visualization format for design, marketing, presenting, training, and more. But there is still a long way to go before it becomes easy for us to enjoy everywhere. In the meantime, Third provides you with the ultimate solution to convert your 3D files.