Optoma’s Video Projector

This ultra-portable video projector is flexible for meetings, presentations, or movies on-the-go thanks to its short-throw lens. This manual details how to enable connection and operate it.


1. [Introduction] - Onboard

Onboard At Onboard, help you give your customers the assistance they need through 3D smart manuals.

2. [Input/Output connections] - MicroSD card slot

3. [Input/Output connections] - USB type A connector

4. [Input/Output connections] - DC input connector

5. [Input/Output connections] - Headphone connector

6. [Input/Output connections] - HDMI / MHL connector

7. [Input/Output connections] - Universal I/O connector

8. [Input/Output connections] - Security cable slot

9. [Control Panel] - Power

Power Turns the projector on or off

10. [Control Panel] - Error & Temp LEDs

Error & Temp LEDs Error LED is solid amber, one of the LED has failed. The projector will automatically shut down.

11. [Control Panel] - Menu

Menu Press to activate the OSD. Use the directional keys and the Menu button to navigate through the OSD.

12. [Control Panel] - Enter

Enter Press to confirm the selection item

13. [Control Panel] - Four Directional Select Keys

14. [Remote Control] - Power

Power Turns the projector on or off.

15. [Remote Control] - Home

Home Press to return to the home page.

16. [Remote Control] - Mute

Mute Press to mute/unmute audio and/or video depneding on the chosen mute option in the OSD menu (Main > Setup > Advanced > Mute)

17. [Remote Control] - Enter + Directional Keys

Enter + Directional Keys Press Enter to confirm. Press on directional keys to navigate through the On-Screen Display (OSD) Menu items.

18. [Remote Control] - Menu

Menu Press to activate the OSD.

19. [Remote Control] - Rewind

Rewind Press to search backward.

20. [Remote Control] - Fast Forward

Fast Forward Press to search forward.

21. [Remote Control] - Volume +/-

22. [Operating Range with Remote Control] - Where to place the remote ?

Positionning the remote control Make sure to have it face this side of the back.

23. [Operating Range with Remote Control] - Maximum Distance

Maximum Distance You may place it up to 3m away

24. [Operating Range with Remote Control] - Maximum Angle

Maximum Angle The remote can be placed with a +/- 30° degrees