Presidential Rocking Chair

This charming POLYWOOD® Presidential Rocking Chair is as comfortable as it is functional. Any outdoor space would greatly benefit if a few of these cute and comfortable rockers were strategically placed throughout the setting.


1. [Assembly] - Walk Through

2. [Assembly] - About Onboard

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3. [Assembly] - About POLYWOOD

4. [Assembly] - Legs

5. [Assembly] - Bases

6. [Assembly] - Seat

7. [Assembly] - Back seat

8. [Assembly] - Screws

9. [Assembly] - Legs connector panel

10. [Assembly] - Assembling Back seat to leg

11. [Assembly] - Assembling seat and leg panel connector

12. [Assembly] - Assembling Right Base

13. [Assembly] - Assembling Left Leg

14. [Assembly] - Assembling left leg and Base